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Im Leben fließt alles

Einfach alles, ausnahmslos

Alles fließt - Panta rhei


Glas, Stein und Stahl fließen langsam, unendlich langsam

Wasser, Luft und das Leben fließen schnell dahin

Jede Masse verformt sich, fließt nach unten

Strebt fortwährend zur Mitte, zum Erdenherz

Das ist der Fluss des Lebens


Die Zeit fließt mit uns, nebenbei

Ohne Rücksicht auf unsere Laune und Verfassung


Wer wünscht sich ein schweres Leben?

Wer wehrt sich, im Fluss zu leben?

Wer will sich von Zeit zu Zeit erhärten?


Nun meine Weisheit:

Lass dein Herzblut fließen

Mache dich leichter

Sei beweglich

Lebe fließend



In life everything flows

Simply everything, without exception

Everything flows - Panta rhei


Glass, stone and steel flow slowly, infinitely slow

Water, air and life flow quickly away

Every mass deforms, flows downwards

Steps steadily towards the center, toward the earthly heart

This is the flow of life


Time flows with us, by the way.

Regardless of our mood and condition,


Who wants a hard life?

Who's resisting living in the river?

Who wants to prove themselves from time to time?


Now my wisdom:

Let your heart flow

Make yourself lighter

Be mobile

Live flowing

Pact with the devil - money against health


My youngest brother Sin-Jun, whom I deeply love and appreciate, was a shy boy with long hair as a child and I was a cheeky girl with a short haircut. They thought he was a girl and I was a boy. We were very close and had a lot of fun together. Almost every day in our childhood we sang the songs of a thick hymnal for hours together fervently from beginning to end. One evening at home we tried a glass of beer together. We felt grown up enough to drink alcohol.

Wow! Sin-Jun suddenly got bright red eyes and blushed from head to toe. I got a hot flash in my body like an explosion. I got so hot, my heart beat was beating frighteningly violently and in order to calm down and cool down I had to take a cold shower in the bathroom every 30 minutes.

We both lack a certain enzyme, which makes it virtually impossible for us to tolerate alcohol, we realized in retrospect. Alcohol was simply not a pleasure, but rather a punishment for my brother and me. That was the end of alcohol for me.

Despite his intolerance, Sin-Jun continued his efforts to get along with alcohol and to get along with it, because he wanted to overcome his shyness in his youth. He wanted to look like a real man.


Unlike me, Sin-Jun took great responsibility for our family early on, even as a teenager, and worked hard for the family like many other Koreans in the 1990s. He was therefore more interested in entrepreneurship and I, as an impartial young child, more in music and beautiful things. He dared to take out a large private loan to open a western style restaurant and bar in downtown Seoul. In his restaurant it was important for his turnover and success that he accepted the invitations from his guests to come to the table and drink with them. With pity I saw my helpless, credit-stressed but responsible brother, helpless from alcohol.


Sin-Jun used to be a rather soft boy, but today he has developed into an ambitious, strong personality. He worked hard on himself, likes to learn new skills, and when he starts something new, he's thorough enough to become the best at it, as if he had to make up for his lack of education. Every time I was and am surprised and amazed at what he knew and was able to do so well. When he moves on the dance floor, I can hardly believe my eyes, he leads his dance partner so elegantly. He plays fantastic tennis and is chairman of the tennis club. He is an excellent golfer, a respected Lions club chair and an active charity activist. He has expanded his willingness to help within the family to include society.

He was popular with many people because he likes to help others with his heart. He was an almost selfless, almost chronic "everybody's darling" and has remained so to this day. He was and is always restless in doing, doing, helping and learning. Last year, during my visit to Korea, I often had dinner with him at the restaurant and found that he is no longer shy at all, but has become even more resistant to drinking. He still gets his red head unchanged. In any case, he has mastered his drinking, despite a lack of enzyme.


He has had a new, flourishing fish grill restaurant for seven years and his other investments are also profitable. He is doing well financially and today he has more money at his disposal than before. Now he could treat himself to a comfortable life with his young at heart wife, make beautiful journeys and enjoy a pleasant life. His two beautiful grown-up daughters are independent and one of them is about to get married. He could finally relax and breathe out.

But he is constantly on the go and barely laughs. He lives unsteadily, goes to bed at dawn and plays indoor golf with his friends and business partners in smoky rooms every few days at night. When playing golf at night in front of the screen, 500 to 1,000 € are quickly won in one night. Koreans like to play for money. Whoever wins invites the others to dinner. So as a frequent winner, my brother always goes to his own restaurant with his friends from the Lions Club and increases sales as in his old days and drinks a lot. His wife rarely sees him and often complains about it. Jokingly, but complaining about him, she told me that she could lead a much better life without my brother. At the same time, however, she was very concerned about his health.


My recently deceased older sister Sun-Nam was a workaholic and was always brave in new, adventurous business. Like her brother Sin-Jun, she had many plans, many, many wishes and was busy all her life earning as much money as possible. For a while she took intensive dance lessons with a lot of fun in order to master social dance. This hobby made her a business idea and built up her own huge dance club. She was enthusiastic about what she had achieved and loved life. There were a lot of lustful people around her. She slept very little, lived a very confused and unhealthy life. She enjoyed performing as the head and representative of the dance club. For many years she led this dance club day in, day out, which lay in a dark basement without sunlight but with artificial light. From 10:00 in the morning until 22:00 in the evening and every weekend there was a dance party and all this without a day off. All that organizational and financial stuff was a lot of trouble for her and it became her disastrous health fate. In addition, she was a chain smoker and did not stop smoking until one day she collapsed at her dance club and was taken to hospital.

Sun-Nam, who had been like a surrogate mother to me, believed that while she was already in intensive care, she was the only one in the family firmly convinced that she would soon recover. As she became more and more ill, she asked for absolute secrecy from her friends, acquaintances and members in the dance club.


Officially, she was frozen abroad. She feared for the existence of her with a lot of effort built dance club, because there was a lot of competition.

Only her manager knew about her condition because he had taken her to the hospital. He was a crook who manipulated the bookkeeping in the dance club in his favor, but for my sister he was her life saver. Every day he brought a bundle of money, the daily turnover, to her in the hospital. When I nursed her to the hospital, I often found a lot of cash between the drugs and under her pillow.


At the sickbed I asked my sister, who had been artificially nourished for several months and clung to life without food and drink, what she would like to do when she would get well again. Her answer was very simple:

"I want to go out to dinner, play with my granddaughter, do sports and live healthily." I kept asking her, "Is that all?" She answered radiantly and briefly with "Yes". That's all she wanted.

Near the end of her life she had only one wish not to die now. She longed for life outside the hospital. For her health she would have given everything, really everything, including her entire, saved fortune. She would have loved to turn back her life clock and start all over again. She fought painfully to the last moment with death.

Two weeks later she died in hospital at the age of 61.


Yes, I have a very addictive, passionate and capable family, including myself. I have three other brothers, two of them are chain smokers who are constantly plagued with diseases. Nevertheless, they continue to make plans for large projects, which should bring them a lot of money and suffice for further generations of the family. Everyone has achieved a remarkable amount financially, but their health is catastrophically unmindful. All my siblings have exchanged money for health as if they had made a pact with the devil. You still don't understand why I didn't become a millionaire with my high education and my many talents. Compared to my siblings, I'm a real slacker.


Today I would like to advise my four older brothers:

"Dear brothers,

your youngest sister Moon is physically and mentally healthy. I have a lovely family, a beautiful life in the now and can do and let what I want is the mistress of my time. This is pure luxury with all the fine arts, music, poetry and flowers for life. I look forward to seeing you every time.

Please take care of your health, for your own good, now!

Unfortunately, it doesn't help much to live healthy later in life.

I wish you all love and good health!"


Moon Suk - March 8, 2018

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