Moon drives aroud the world - as Cultural Ambassador!
A musical world tour with art, culture and passion! - starting May 2018!

On the road from May 5, 2018

On the country road, across the sea, Moon Suk, in symbiosis with the car, performing universal music

in 11 languages with world famous songs, opera arias and folk songs, with art and craft on about 40 events and accompanying readings, rounds of talks and concerts in one year.

Plans call for 40,000 km of land and 10,000 km of sea routes with 40 stations for events.

Moon Suk and her mobile stage "Moon's Living Moving Art" reach the hearts of people all over the world and shares happiness and joy with them.

Moon Suk will report about the whole journey on events, events, meetings on the spot, en route in various ways and she will interview the wisdom of each individual country.

Video Statement



my name is Moon Suk. I am a total artwork, sing, perform, paint, write and play passionately. Well known as cultural ambassador of the ZDF Morgenmagazin.

With this video I would like to introduce you to an extraordinary and unique project of mine - an artistic world tour:"Moon's Living Moving Art 2018 - Moon drives around the World".

The world has become more mobile, faster and more open and we share a great earth community. How beautiful and wonderful it would be if all people could meet everywhere without prejudice and with curiosity and great joy.

That's why I'm a cultural ambassador and drive around the world with music, art and culture to spread a beautiful, positive and inspiring experience.

My motto for life is:"Life is flowing, moving, sharing! Life is performance!"

I make my contribution as a total artwork, as cultural ambassador with all my artistic skills and experiences, with my passion and my creative ability.

Make the world with me a little happier and more beautiful.

Let us all touch people's hearts together, inspire thoughts, bring joy, make friends and make people all over the world laugh.

 You can spread this joyful message together with me all over the world and take part as a partner, supporter, artist, musician, networker and supporter.

 Please, join us on this unforgettable journey in 2018!


 I am looking forward to your support!


Thank you so much!

Salons in Berlin - Presentable Again


The digital overkill follows the longing for a real encounter. In the newly blossoming Berlin salons, people sing, argue and philosophize about life itself - by Eva Apraku.


... In addition to eloquent cultural managers or even business decision-makers who take care of their artistic side privately, it is more or less strange birds who keep the current Berlin salon culture going. They have all taken up the cause of their flags, which were already used by early Berlin Salonnièren - including Rahe! Varnhagen, Henriette Herz or Dorothea Schlegel - the art of witty conversation in a local atmosphere to save the present time. Like their role models from the 18th and 19th centuries, often educated Jews from the bourgeoisie, the current salonnières and saloniers are also concerned with overcoming, among other things, the boundaries of social standing in a protected environment in order to make unusual, inspiring encounters possible.

Interspersed philosophical lectures, readings, musical, theatrical or even artistic performances by fellow artists, intellectuals or other scholars provide common areas of interest and provide topics for discussion. Experienced hosts also subtly convey new acquaintances...

... It is important for visitors to the salon to experience an interesting evening with exciting, real people. Moreover, most of them not only want to consume culture passively, but also want to add something of their own to it: these can be spontaneously developed thoughts that find their expression in conversation. At times, however, it is also the case that new projects are launched by people who have become acquainted with each other in a salon. Even revolutions were once planned in salons...


Berlin Salon on world tour


Ernst Becker and Moon Suk, they run the Salon Moon in their private apartment, do not know all of their guests personally, but the obligatory registration procedure by e-mail helps with the subsequent greeting by name. The two are perfect hosts. Becker, discreetly dressed in black, welcomes the guests with obligatory words at the entrance door. The Korean-born Moon Suk swirls between the newcomers, hugs them and sometimes those - without damaging her artistic hairstyle, adorned with flowers and feathers.

The fact that the Salonnière is the undoubted star here is obvious. The trained opera singer is not only a major part of the cultural programme. The walls of one room are also paved with photo portraits of Moon, including files. The fact that the hostess also works as a painter can be experienced in the living room, the actual salon. In dominant red and yellow tones, the square, abstract paintings determine the warm atmosphere of the room. Later on, Moon Suk will prove to be an excellent cook: the Korean food that visitors eat at a long table has been prepared by her, of course.

This omnipresence seems to be convincing. Invitations from their international guests have made Moon Suk and Ernst Becker go on a year-long world tour with their 2018 salon concept. First destination in February: South Korea. Then, when the Winter Olympics take place there in parallel.




Recently, the Salon Moon celebrated its third anniversary. Once a month, the Korean opera singer, painter, photographer and performer Moon Suk, together with her partner Ernst Becker, invites you to her first floor. Accompanied by a piano and sometimes other instruments, Moon Suk sings songs, often accompanied by other national and international friends of the artist - such as author Wladimir Kaminer - and then invites you to dinner with Korean, Swabian and wine specialities.



Olivaer Platz 12,10707 Berlin-Charlottenburg


next SALON MOON: 10.12.2017 - 3 pm

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