Let Moon drive around the World!


We look forward to your support as a partner for the following items:


  • Provision of SUV/Multivan/caravan for the whole world tour
  • Design and conversion of the interior and exterior of the vehicle
  • Travel expenses: fuel, fees, insurance, repair costs
  • Accommodation costs incurred hotels, Airbnb etc.
  • Transfer by ship
  • Mobile telecommunications with live transmission
  • Travel insurances
  • Advertising and press costs
  • Publishing activities
  • Media partnership: TV, radio, print and online media
  • Clothing and shoes for e. g. outdoor brands
  • Individual supporters: Musicians, artists, networkers, communicators
  • Technical sponsorship: beamer, loudspeaker, camera, microphones, power generator, solar cells etc.

If you are interested in Moon drives around the world as a partner,
please contact us!

Let‘s support Moon Suk! Thank You!